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認為愛情沒有理所當然,無非是我愛你妳愛我。愛一個人是自己情感上的活動,所以不需要你的點頭同意、或口頭允諾,反正我就是愛了,只要不對人造成實際的困擾,可以一直爱下去。。。 。 不然,请把我的心带走。

Nickname  : cocorico
Gender      : Female
Birthday     : 06 June
Political Views : Moderate
Religious views: Buddhist - Vajrayana

Interests : Cooking, Travel, Reading, Movie, Hiking, Camping
Favourite Music : Emi Fujita, Norah Jones music's & anything tat sounds good ...
Favourite Movies: 大日子Woofoo & etc
Favourite Books:IT related stuff...

About me :

I am a jovial, friendly, cheerful person. I was borned and bred in Seremban for a good 17 years before setting my foot on KL. Have been studying and working at the same time since. I'm proud to be a Malaysian despite that fact that I speak very lousy Malay. I'm crazy woman driver on the street. I cry a lot in the cinema but can't remember the last time I cried in front of a friend. I'm free thinker and I meditate when I have the time to. I believe in God too, as I respect all beings that exist and also those that don't. But buddhism leads me to find the answer that I've been looking for. Still searching.

Typical aries: Stubborn, adventurous and crave for challenging tasks to simulate my well-being. Yet, I'm a procrastinator queen. My excuse is I work better under pressure.