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I just back from lunch with my colleagues. I received an email from my hubby.... I was surprised... !!!

are u busy? be happy...yah! coz today is the last day of 2009......
2010 onward we will have new life. I wish you Happy!!

from Hubby

:) Though it's just a few line with simple words but this really touched my heart... :)
Oh My Goss!?... Todays is 31st December 2009 Thursdasy alraeady, It's the last day of 2009. Time’s fly’s so quick?… Soon will be 01st January 2010 ... Friday and then the weeksends too. Aiyoyo hahahahaha?? I haves no plannings for the Saturdays and Sundays yet?!

Anyway, Good Bye .... 2009~~ Wishing all a Happy New Year! Cheers.....



It’s been so long since I last blogged. I think I’ve lost my touch
So here’s a short one, just to let y’all know I’m still alive and kicking ...

Short updates:-
  • I got married on 6th DEC 2009 ... the whole process of torturing the “HENG DAIs” was very fun for my “ZHI MUIs” .

  • Work has been good so far.... now waiting to get a year-end bonus :)

  • I’m heading to Bali on next 06th JAN 2010 Wednesday and back only on 15th JAN 2010!!! Weee heeeeeeeeee. SPA awaits me!!!



Here I wish you Happy Birthday and may your dream come true.
I, as a wife didn't buy him any pressies this year. :P But I've got a little surprise for him, of course not certified diamonds. .... .

Anyway, I bought him a birthday cake and we had a dinner night out at the KOREAN BBQ ( His favourites). My sister told me that I should buy a new wallet for my hubby as birthday gift. For Chinese, they believed more new wallets the man gets, the more money he has. I never heard of it before. May try it next year.... =0=

Well, I prefer to receive more CASH and I think my hubby will think the same too! :)