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A call from Singapore.
Warm up my heart, through the phone, from distance.
Without give me any favor,
Without candy and candle,
Comfort me by deep voice with care.

It cures me from very low and gray situation.
Rather than rich, I do need friendship come up to me whenever I am poor.


It was just a song, a dream, that hit the deepest of my soul, brought out my inspiration, making me wonder, how a stimulating and vigorous person like me, could have ended up withering and stagnant, who used to be straighforward and now hardly find her tongue and takes her stand, who finds herself holding on to things.

When it comes to emotional intelligence ( EQ so to speak, the concept that complements traditional beliefs that personality is defined only as IQ, the other side of the brain which practices thinking intelligence), it is determined that high EQ personality is more self-motivated, knowing and controlling his/her own emotions, recognizing and being ablt to control others' emotions (empathy).

It is interesting to observing people and to studying personality, the combination of stable physical and mental characteristics that make up an individual's identity and give consistency to a person's behavior. However, it's judgemental that the formed personality can't be any significant transformation. Faith, inspirations, stimulations are critical elements that bring a personality to the next stage.

I think i'm too carried away here, i should at least address my subject. it's actually the title of a song from the movie "Moulin Rouge". When the lyrics flow, there was this pure inspiration coming out from the deep of my heart, like a swollen balloon, filled with excitement and energy, bringing my spirit to the mountain top.

it's just a feeling, feeling alive, feeling good, feeling bright, feeling hopeful.