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I'm a crazy woman in love with music. I used to steal these particular CDs from my brothers. He'll find them missing and know to come looking for me:P .......

The Beatles, like the absolute best band ever.
My brother has a huge collection of CDs (thousands, really). Now usually, my brothers has a nasty habit of untidiness. I should know since I pick up after him. He'll leave coffee cups under his bed for DAYS; comes home from work and removes his socks only to leave them on the floor. I'll clean up the coffee table and it'll be all organized over the weekdays, but come the weekend- it's completely messed up by his paraphernalia. So for him to have his CDs kept soooo nicely in a quaint little corner is really something quite new to me.

I love coming to his CD Corner because I'm really amazed by how many he actually has. I've never met anyone else who has a CD collection THIS extensive. Everytime I look through the collection, I get a surprise because I somehow discover some brand new CD I haven't noticed before. Like today: I found Jeff Beck. I didn't even know my brother listened to him.

When I was younger, I never used to understand why he bothered spending so much cash on them. He told me a long time ago that the reason he bought so many CDs was because he never could as a kid. It must have been torture: growing up and hearing all those songs over the radio and never having the oppurtunity to listen to the song again until the next time he gets near a radio, or a TV. Both luxury items back in the days.

And that's the difference between then and now. We hear a good song, and it sticks in our head. But unlike last time when you had to wait and pray that it comes on again, we get online, download the song and put it on repeat mode until we get sick of it. There's not much of an appreciation there.

My brother doesn't buy CDs anymore- he's doing the Malaysian thing now, ie pirated. I think it's a shame somehow because there was so much personality in his CD collection. Now it's just stagnant and never growing. I'm not anti-piracy or pro-piracy, but I'm the type who's willing to spend money on CDs. And why not, right? I mean, some people have their car modifying thing, some people buy gadgets. I don't get why people think its a waste of money to spend on original CDs. If taken care for properly, they could probably outlast your old car model and obsolete technology. Bleks! :p


I'm usually not very keen on seeing a doctor unless if my condition is very serious or I have no other options. It's not that I'm scared of jabs or anything, I just feel that very often it's rather pointless to make an effort all the way there and all your GP would do is to prescribe some painkillers for you to take home and call it a problem resolved. But the problem still lingers on doesn't it? For an ordinary person who has very little or no medical sense like me will think this is very lame. Hence, going to the GP is always the last thing I will do.

But this ongoing flu is really affecting my daily life as I'm starting to get cramps when I cough too hard. So today I went to see a doctor to get some painkillers but GUESS WHAT? The doctor told me I don't need no cold tablets for my flu because it will get better on its own. Errmmm.... I was a bit skeptical about his suggestion and couldn't understand why couldn't he prescribe me some medications to speed up my recovery, so I asked the doctor again if I were to take some cold tablets from the pharmacy which one would he recommend me and he said, 'I WOULDN'T. JUST SAVE UP YOUR MONEY. IT WILL RESOLVE BY ITSELF.'

I don't know what I should do now. I just want the flu bug to go away.