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Recently I have been through roller coaster mood, and i can\'t help but wondering, why would things always happen? Friends said everything happens for a good reason, but for me, everyday\'s news update is just another heartbeat.

I always thought i had the capacity to face the truth. Yet when reality hits, I freak out, even though I don\'t act like i do. In fact, truly truth doesn\'t come to you until you are the last person to find out, because it\'s been kept intentionally until the time it can\'t be covered any more.

Life has ups and downs, I\'ve been taking the ups for granted, and I rarely think about what i don\'t deserve. What goes around comes around, it is now my turn to test my capacity of handling my life in downs.

Well, things can\'t be worse before they can get better, can they? Determination. I figured that i\'ve got nothing to loss, becuase everything i care, I already lost.

The mistakes you made this time around, you will have to live through it.........