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Got up very early this morning but didn't sleep very well last night either, perhaps from anxiety to what my new life will be today. Strangely enough, I wasn't tired at all. As said, maybe I was overwhelmed by the fact that my anticipation was becoming a reality. Indeed, this waiting has fuelled much of my patience but I know this is going to be a turning point in my life. Yes, I'm on another stage now.

Today was warm and sunny, not bad for a start in August. Right. I'm all on my own now. The beginning of a new dawn in a momentous venture. ...

I didn't feel like eating today.Spending my weekend at home alone. Did some revisions on the CISCO and everything was pretty much in control. : ) I also tidied my room, did laundry and grocery in Tesco to keep myself busy. But still, loneliness seemed to be tagging along with me. : (


un-cer-tain-ty ( n-sûr tn-t )
1. The condition of being uncertain ; doubt.
2. Something uncertain : the uncertainties of modern life.
3. Statistics. The estimated amount or percentage by which an observed or calculated value may differ from the true value.

That's such an interesting word for me right now ... people asked me if I know what's going on, what's happening, and am I happy. In a way I do but then again I don't know. I'm dealing with it one day at a time. I guess as long as I'm ok or happy with it, then nothing should matter, right? I mean the feelings are there but I feel like it's just there. Not knowing how to express them, show them or act towards it. I feel like I'm the only one feeling this way. Am I that complicated? Always trying to figure out the unknown. Always puzzling myself and making simple things complicated in which I deny in doing. I tell myself I like things plain and simple and yet I go ahead and make things complicated for myself. Always thinking about things. I guess sometime I just can't help it. My mind wanders aimlessly about things, everything. But I bet everybody does that anyway. Just hoping for things to be clear and better translated.

And then there goes about the more you know or find out, the more it hurts. Well the way I put it, it's not a pain kind of hurt but rather than a bothersome kind of hurt. The kind of feeling that can bother you and make you think even some more. The kind of feeling that makes you wonder about a lot of things. The kind of feeling that makes you think twice about a lot of things. The kind of feeling that reveals the intentions of others. The kind of feeling that lingers on until you can take no more but put it behind you with some comfort from yourself. You tell yourself to just stop it and think no more. Because when you do find out the truth, can you handle it? Therefore just let it go.

Everybody's all about having fun regardless of anything. Freedom is what was given to us all. We go out, do the things we do, go to the places we go, say the things we say, and see the people we see, that can be incredibly fun, but as long as we know where we wanna be then that's all it matters. At the end of the day, when you're laying on your bed, who's in your head? That's all it matters. The last thing you think about before you sleep speaks for what’s important to you. That's the only thing that matters. The only thing that matters no matter how much fun you have during the day.

Just had to get that off my mind ...


well how the heck did i get this subject come across my mind?

I tend to be transported when i am reading and my mind is just drifting all over the places. Maybe a song, a move or a sight, can easily draw my attention away from my book, such as right now this moment...

Have no idea what future holds, can't forward looking what is right in front of me, can't get a picture what's gonna be like a year away from today.

Everyone has a ultimate goal, and a spare one. What is mine? I'm so confused. My life has been so confused, so has my thoughts, my wants, and my dreams. The word "fickle" makes the best description for me.

When was the last time I really laugh, the kind of laughing that you throw your head away and hold your stomach becasue you laugh too hard. Laugh without worry, laugh truely....

What belief do i hold? what do i compromise to??