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Too many shockin' things are happening to ppl around me. First it was Lim accident and now his friend, Darren was beaten to death in Hartamas a few days ago. Darren's death saddened me beyond words. Although i do not personally know him, i was introduced to him once thru....can't remember who, butta it was around Coffeebean, it is still hard for me to accept. I was abit blur when Lim told me bout' the death of his friend, (jacey tot it was Obi) but after seeing his picture in every newspaper, i sorta recall how he really look like. Life is short, so short that you'll never know when it's your turn to die.

All the poor guy did is comin' back to his-so-called-country, 'M'sia' for a bloddy holiday. I mean, although noone really knew what actually happened that night BUT those pig brain ppl better pay for what they have done.I know the life of those brainless ppl won't bring Darren back....but each of those ppl should be thrown out into the streets for the public to wack the shit out of them....before hanging them to death. Those ppls shouldn't just be in prison for 10-15 yrs and then set them free....& giving them 'second chance'. They shud all be killed! Also, I'm so frustrated with the people in Uncle Don's..... I mean, if only a group of considerate ppl were to stand up and help or at least try to stop them, it wouldnt have to cost a life. If only ppl were considerate enuff & not be so selfish. Instead of being a spectator & say "they were too violent, we were afraid" ? Scared ar? Diuz! I forgot.....'who hangs out in Uncle Don??? u know, i know, can adi, no need for me to mention it here. Why would "they" even help?' *slaps myself hard on the head*

Lim went for Darren's funeral & i can see that he was really stoned & it really hit him HARD that he lost 2 close ones on the same day. His friend & his cousin sis who suffered from cancer. One thing after another. I pray that Darren is now safe in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ & the Lord will protect him and that he will lead a better life in heaven. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy [to be compared] with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
Everything is planned, we can't escape god plans can we?